drier_labStrymonos Gaia founded in 2014 to Strimonoxori Serres located 5km after Sidirokastro and is the effort to promote the possibilities small processing plants have to produce high quality traditional products with natural ingredients, traditional recipes and innovative products with fruits and vegetables collected from the curator plain of Serres.
We are targeting tradional and organic foodstores like Grocery, delicatessen e.t.c, in hotels Kitchen and boutique stores and all catering areas.


The laboratory is equipped with a new technology dryer with controlled temperature and humidity which results dried products do not come into contact with insects, dust and other aggravating circumstances and not dried under uncontrolled ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

Dryer-trays-tomatoesAll additional machines and benches are made by Inox Steal as provided by law. For the storage of raw materials and finished products there are one cooling chamber and conservation champer. Our products are manufactured and be standardized with traditional pasteurization. The row materials are selected from local producers and fully inspected on entry into the processing unit in quality, size and safety in production and harvest. We can dry under contract, fruits and vegetables, that are necessary for your production process and to undertake the processing and packaging under agreement.


Our vision is to produce traditional Greek delicatassen products with specifications suitable for the European market.

The main axis of the philosophy of the company’s staff is faith to principles of quality, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement and research, in the development of our products and also to the company’s daily operation.


The company has elaborated Haccp study, objective of which according to the European Parliament and the Council of the EU is the high level of aspiration for life and human health, it is one of the fundamental objectives of food law, as down in EC Regulation 178/2002. Its products are fully covered by Nutritional and microbiological tests as defined by the food & beverage code.

See the Hassp statement

About Strymon(os) and Gaia

The Strymon according to Hesiod’s Theogony (stch337-3339) was the son of Oceanus and Tethys. (Titan daughter of Uranus and Gaia), the Ocean was a male and Tethys the feminine personification of the humid element.