Discover the splendid Greek Delicatessen Products of Strymonos Gaia company. Modern production workshop and standardization of fruits and vegetables, but also we provide drying services to professionals. The philosophy of Strymonos Gaia staff is faith to principles of quality and customer satisfaction.


We use agricalture products taken out of the Greek land.

Τhe selection of appropriate producers made with the strictest standards in compination with the immediate processing and of standardization of products makes us feel confident for the continuous and consistent production of high quality traditional Mediterranean products addressed in the Greek market but also across markets worldwide.


Drying Services

We provide drying services for professionals who want to dry their fruits and vegetables. New technology drying machine, with temperature and moisture programming settings for best moisture removal.


Drying Services

We produce traditional delicatessen products with dried vegetables and combinations with olive products, garlic etc. Our product range is targeting food stores, groceries, delicatessen, restaurants, boutique hotels stores.


Ηoreca Products

Our products are produced in catering packagings with the same unparalleled quality and targeted at restaurants, taverns, hotel kitchens.

Meet the Strymonos Gaia company

Our company operates with great success in the food processing industry since 2014 and specifically in the innovative and fast growing field of drying agricultural products and standarization process.

Are you food trader, supplies manager, dealer food or a professional and you are interested in supplying our products? Please contact us by email or call us on the phone.