We produce two premium Greek Delicatessen Products. We are progressing slowly and with solid steps becauce our primary goal is to produce high quality products with no proservatives.
The fresh tomatoes used are special variety with coherent flesh and grown in the fertile plain of Serres. The tomatoes are harvested by hand, sorted & carefully washed by hand, cut in half and remove the stem by hand.
Finally are placed in closed type mechanical dryer with controlled temperature without contact on insects and uncontrolled ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Try the excellent dried tomato in sunflower oil and the tastefull paste “eliasti” wich is the compination of green olives and dried tomatoes.

Dried tomatoes in sunflower oil

liasti-ntomata-frontDried tomatoes are served as a garnish in salads gourmet with lettuce, arugula, walnuts, pomegranates, parmesan and balsamic vinegar, can also be used in sauces or vinaigrette giving a special flavor to your plate, and also as an appetizer with meat, cheese and seafood accompanied with its wine, ouzo or greek tsipouro.

Green Olive and Sundried Tomatoes Tapanade (paste)

An incredible combination of flavors! Spread with a baguette, Cretan cracker, slice of bread, sprinkle with herbs and enjoy a delicious and healthy snack. Accompany your evening drink with this lovely snack.